Bumble.com giant waste of time and money

Posted On : July 28, 2019

I was on Bumble for about 1 year and had literally thousands of men trying to match with me. Ive talked to hundreds and they will be in at least one or more of the following categories: Hookups, married, swingers, very verbally abusive, stalkers, obese, dirty, criminals, liars, catfishers, living with mommy, transgender, Male IG “models” only looking for followers and FUgly men.The others are the Weak beta men of the world who expect the woman to be the man. Bumble itself dictates 100% who you see and who sees you. The blocking feature Does not work and its a radical, liberal dumpster fire who forces you to pick a charity you Do Not believe in. I paid for the service and tried the free version briefly. They withhold fake likes and do NOTHING about abuse!! If you still want to try submit your credit card directly into the app then sign cancel your subscription asap. You will still get that week just wont be renewed. If you want a weak beta male then this is for you. But you will mostly encounter the trash previously mentioned. You’ve been warned. Hinge or even Ok Cupid is better than this foreign run app. I uninstalled for good! Im free from this giant waste of time and money!!!


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