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OKCupid’s site is sleek and without frills, trusting its reputation and user experience to speak for itself. It starts you into the signup process right away when you arrive at the site, allowing you to create your own profile or to use your Facebook account for a quicker progression.


OkCupid.com allows its users to browse and interact without having to pay a premium price.  In the Search page, you have the ability to see who’s currently online. You can also “like” their profile from this page, though the only information you have without a paid subscription is a username, location, and a photo. You can also send them a message for more interaction by selecting a user’s profile page.

Member’s Personal Information

OkCupid protects its members’ personal information by offering an anonymous way to interact with other members. What to share with who is a personal choice and should not be taken lightly. The site’s in-site messaging system enables anonymous interaction without having to use one’s personal communication tools. With a full subscription, your username can also be changed at a later date to keep your anonymity more secure. For more information on the common practices of online dating services, we recommend you read the website’s Privacy conditions and Online Dating Safety Tips.


Website: www.okcupid.com

Facebook  Twitter

Phone Number: +1-214-853-4309

Address: 39 W 14th St Ste 502, New York NY, 10011


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Very sad!!!

After two paid rounds on this site I find it very sad to continually receive notifications that a member(s) is interested, or has sent a messages, only to go to the site to see the mailbox sits empty …. More

itsdarkraverp0 - December 11, 2019
Avoid at all costs.

They try to get extra money for what other sites include in the basic package. Your preferences for potential partners are ignored unless you pay more. You do not know if your messages have been opene…. More

littledollsxg9 - December 11, 2019
OKCupid.com doesn't work

OKCupid.com doesn’t work for men they have a process if you get blocked a few times you get kicked off women that don’t get paid attention to or men don’t give them the comments they want they get mad…. More

guzejke - October 31, 2019
It's joke.

It basically comes down to certain hours of the day where 13 out of 2 are escorts. It also happens all day long.. Guarantee OKCupid.com makes a truckload of money running prostitutes. It’s joke.

elativamiqh - October 31, 2019
Do not waste your money on this site!!

Do not waste your money on this site!!! The amount of fake profiles is unbelievable!!!

kuniewo3c - October 31, 2019
Okcupid is Real Thief

i canceled my sub they charged any way then offers 50 off not listing out sourced to India they just read from their cheat sheet after ten minutes of yelling at this poor guy who cant speak English if…. More

sidonioc2 - September 22, 2019
Another scam site

Another scam site. People will message you and then just disappear. Messaged several women and no response. Lots of deleted profiles. This site is a bust.

bakerdeg8 - July 28, 2019