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Guide to Valentine’s Day is approaching and you are single? Don’t panic, here are some tips that should help you get through this storm without too much trouble. Even some good surprises…

The Mistake Not to Make

Depressed at the idea of ​​spending February 14 without a girlfriend, some will inevitably be tempted to call their ex back by playing it nostalgic. Big mistake. Because once the handset has hung up, you will surely wonder what “trouble” you have gotten yourself into. DilMil Especially if she tells you that she is in the middle of a shopping spree, choosing a gift for Kevin, her new boyfriend…

Remember, February 14th…

Stop whining about yourself and be honest with yourself. Remember the times when you weren’t single and you grumbled at. The mere thought of that damn “shopping party.” The times you would have given away your favorite Zidane poster so you wouldn’t have to think about the perfect gift for your darling. The ideal restaurant, the words you should say to her or not say to her. Because yes, you may have forgotten but Valentine’s Day is a headache for many men. So rejoice to have a little reprieve this year…

Celebrate (Still) Love

Because Valentine’s Day is the feast of love in the broadest sense. Take the opportunity to tell the people you love how much you love them. Your friends, your family: celebrate with them, spoil them. It’s now or never to thank them for the love they have for you… and also for the support they are for you.

Guide to Valentine's Day

The Bull By The Horns

No question of spending your day depressed: it’s time to celebrate your celibacy and have fun! Smart Box. Which has thought of everyone, offers an ideal gift box for you. Entitled “600 excuses not to celebrate Valentine’s Day”. It invites you to choose from activities that are as relaxing as they are exciting. From the chocolate milk bath to gourmet pleasure alone. DilMil.Co through laps at the wheel of a Ferrari or an initiation into a micro light. There is something for everyone. Something to spend an unforgettable “non-Valentine’s Day”!

Always Ready For A Meeting

After your “pleasure day”, why not continue your momentum by skimming the special singles evenings. More and more numerous on February 14th. Because yes, contrary to popular belief, Valentine’s Day is an ideal date for dating . On this day more than any other, the romantic approach will be light, natural, helped by an atmosphere charged with romanticism. And then imagine yourself telling your children and grandchildren how you found love on Valentine’s Day…

Nothing is easier than to corrupt a boy/girl friendship. As soon as the idea of ​​any romance creeps into our simplistic mind, it’s impossible to get rid of it. The slightest remark, the slightest glance, the slightest brushing of the hand is noted, analyzed and autopsied, to such an extent that its meaning, so distorted by our hasty interpretations, is no longer at all in phase with reality. How to cross the line between friendship and love, desire and hope? How (finally) to know if he wants to go further?

He Flirts With You: Guide to Valentine’s Day

It may seem crazy obvious and yet, flirting is not necessarily proof of attraction. In a seductive boy , flirting can sometimes only be a way of communicating with the fairer sex. However, if he looks at you intently when you’re both together, tells you that you’re beautiful, and squints at you (with a smirk in support), ask yourself questions.

He is Happy With You: Guide to Valentine’s Day

Without necessarily having told you (if he told you, jump on him right away), you see his blissful smile widen at your sight. You are accomplices and your moments together are always magical and special. When you are together, the outside world no longer exists and you feel good .

Those Around You Think You Are in Love: Guide to Valentine’s Day

In a more or less subtle way, the people around you make it clear to you that you are made for each other. Simple “but you slept together? » to the most winded « you are in love, it is obvious! comments that once made you smile now echo your budding feelings .

Have Never Clearly Defined Your Relationship:

You are in a friendship-flirt situation in which giggles, tickles and suggestive innuendoes mingle. You have an unspoken agreement that any attempt at DTR (= “define the relationship”) will be followed by extremely awkward silence and excessive facial blushing. In short, you take pleasure in this game of seduction , but be careful all the same, you risk burning your wings.

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No Matter…Guide to Valentine’s Day

Whether he is receptive or not, you want to try your luck. Beautiful love stories are also built on a beautiful complicity and no longer on the outpouring of feelings and an all-consuming passion. Only one solution: tell him. Burst this abscess that can end up blocking you and poisoning your relationship. Be honest, be yourself, and even if his answer isn’t what you expect, if he’s always been sincere with you, you’ll earn a nice friendship.

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