Rule # 1 If You Want A Happy Relationship!

Are you wondering if there is A Happy Relationship a universal rule that applies to all relationships that have been happy for years?

As a rule, we have different definitions of love and what we see as a happy relationship, but there is one principle that is universal enough to actually apply to any happy relationship !

You can use this rule immediately if you are in a relationship or remember it for the future if you still have a happy relationship ahead of you.

To fully understand this concept, imagine a table with three legs designed such that each leg is needed to keep the tabletop upright and not to wobble in different directions!

What Does Each of The Three Legs Represent?

Leg 1 – YOU – Your values, goals, thoughts, beliefs, dreams, ideas, requirements, needs, opinions and desires, necessary conditions, limits. This area also includes your past experiences, fears, anxieties. Drug regimens, communication, patterns. When it comes to love, narration about yourself, your possibilities or limitations.

Leg 2 – Your Partner – his / her values, goals, lifestyle, dreams, ideas, requirements, needs, opinions, desires,  necessary conditions, boundaries. This area also includes his / her past experiences, fears, fears, drug regimens, communication, patterns when it comes to love, narration about oneself, one’s possibilities or limitations.

Rule # 1 If You Want A Happy Relationship!  Russianbride

Leg 3 – Your Relationship. It is part of you and is part of your partner. It is something that has its own “life” with values, goals and dreams. Needs and is a result of what each of you brings from your individual area.

You and your partner are the makers of the third leg. As relationship builders, SharekAlomre both you and your partner are responsible for the success, health and “longevity” of your relationship, but you must not forget what is the component!

Very often, when relationship problems arise, we tend to go to two  extreme  attitudes. 

Attitude No. 1 – it is her / his fault, it is he / she who is looking for a problem in the area. That concerns the partner – his / her communication, his / her preserved, his / her patterns, etc.

On  the other  side is  Extreme  Attitude  # 2 – I’ll  fix everything, both my area and my partner’s area.

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Important – when conflicts arise in your relationship. Always try to define which legs really concern. Whether the source is in your open past, in your patterns, etc., or in your partner (e.g. work-related stress). Or specifically 3 legs – Your relationship. With this distinction, it will be much easier for you to solve problems and take. An effective form of support (often many therapists and coaches in the USA work with partners separately).

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