Nailing The First Impression

The First Impression Now the days are getting longer, and the weather is heating up, it’s time to refresh your wardrobe and dating journey to ensure you’re ready for the multitude of dates heading your way this Spring. This Spring season is all about shedding the winter blues and stepping into a season full of bold colours, feminine silhouettes, clean lines, and exquisite tailoring.

Putting your best foot forward and nailing the first impression on the date is key to building your confidence, showing up as your best self and also landing a second date! But when it comes to what to wear on the first date, there are so many options out there that it can be overwhelming! Here’s a few tips to get you started.

For her

Ladies less is more. Always start by highlighting your best features. A woman’s decolletage is such a feminine feature and the best way to highlight that is by wearing an off-the-shoulder silk blouse. Think Adele Bardot neckline – sexy, bold but also sultry. Another component in The First Impression achieving that put together look that is sure to grab attention for all the right reasons is finding the right colours for your skin tone. If you have a deeper olive tone to your skin focusing on pieces that are made up of jewel tones are key.

Whereas for those with a lighter skin tone and lighter tones to the hair you want to opt for pastels! Wearing the right ensemble for the date in question can completely change the dynamic of the first initial meeting and a small compliment can turn into an ice breaker and set the tone of the evening ahead.

Nailing The First Impression

It’s also important to remember that balance is key when picking out the perfect outfit. If you decide to go with trousers, make sure. The fit is perfect and team it with something. A little sexier on top, after all men are visual creatures and you want to add a touch of femininity to your look. For dress silhouettes, opt for a midi slip dress, paired with. A very structured blazer or moto jacket, depending on the location of the date.

Don’t forget the small details too. For accessories, tie in a bold statement piece and keep everything else minimal. If you choose to wear fine jewellery, layer those dainty necklaces which adds more depth to your outfit. When it comes to footwear, wear a shoe that’s comfortable and in line with what you are doing on your date. For a traditional dinner and drinks date, opt for a strappy heel or pump which is still sexy but also sophisticated.

For Him – The First Impression

Tailoring is key when it comes to a man’s ensemble. For the first date the idea is to look polished, which starts with making sure everything fits. Whether you are opting for a romantic dinner or casual drinks. At a nice bar, wearing a sport coat with dark denim jeans. Which can be worn with a classic fitted white button up shirt, is always a classy and easy look to achieve. When it comes to denim jeans, always choose a dark, slim. Straight cut as it’s the most flattering style for men, regardless of your size and body shape.


Depending on the occasion, you want to pair this look with. A suede brown loafer or any neutral colour oxford shoe. To simplify the look for a more casual date. Like a trip to the movies, opt for a fitted white tee instead of a white button up shirt. Always remember to choose an outfit based on the date in mind.

Don’t forget the rest of you! While you may have the outfit sorted. Remember that women see everything so attention to detail and grooming is key to securing that second date!

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