Do You Have These 18 Skills Necessary to Build a Successful Relationship?

The following article contains a mini-test that will tell you if you have the necessary skills to create a happy and a successful relationship. Undoubtedly, there are countless such skills, but I would like to present the ones that I consider the most important. You can check whether you have the abovementioned predispositions in several ways.

First, you can take the test yourself and think about how to improve those skills that performed worse than others. If you are in a relationship, you can ask your partner or husband to evaluate YourChristianDate which skills you have and which you need to work on. Thanks to such cooperation, you will gain additional knowledge and you will be able to see the difference between your self-esteem and how your partner sees you. However, if you are single, do the test yourself, and then ask a trusted friend

Below you will find a mini test where you can check if you have certain skills.
Let’s go to the instructions: Rate yourself in each question using the scale: from 1 to 7, where 1 means I have no such skill at all, and 7 means I can do it perfectly.

How Skillfully can You? A Successful Relationship

  1. Adopt the other person’s perspective? (i.e. you can see things and situations from your partner’s point of view)
  2. Express love and positive emotions through touch? (i.e. you can hug your partner, hold his hand, stroke his face)
  3. Express interest in matters important to your partner? (it is about being interested not only in what your partner did during the day, but also in what he is excited or nervous about)
  4. Calm down the situation after a quarrel or an exchange of views? (even from the biggest quarrel you can come out in a gentle way)
  5. Listen carefully? (listening to your partner without feeling the need to respond or defend yourself)
  6. A warm welcome and goodbye to your partner? (can you say good morning and goodbye with warm emotions)
  7. Help your partner get a clear perspective? (e.g. if your partner tends to ignore certain facts, you can help them by reminding them to get full perspective and not to make irrational decisions)
  8. To compromise? YourChristianDate (sometimes it’s worth bending a little and wanting the same as your partner, or finding an agreement and choosing the middle option)

You Have These 18 Skills Necessary to Build a Successful Relationship

Partner Without Feeling

  1. Express love and emotions verbally? A Successful Relationship (you are able to say “I love you”, give your partner compliments, express gratitude and appreciation)
  2. Share responsibilities? (it is not necessary to share all responsibilities equally, but in general you can divide it so that it is more or less equally)
  3. Be sensitive? (it’s about your ability to let your partner into your inner world, talk about your emotions and feelings)
  4. Have fun in your relationship? (you can laugh together and have fun together, and you put effort into finding and doing things that make you happy)
  5. Catch the Signs When Your Partner Needs Support? (you can skillfully spot when your partner needs support and show it in a way that suits him, you really care when your partner is suffering)
  6. Inspire confidence? (you are trustworthy, you keep A Successful Relationship your word – when you say that you will do something, you do it, you do not reveal your partner’s secrets to other people, additionally your partner knows that he can always count on you, regardless of the circumstances)
  7. Showing your partner new, positive experiences? (you tell your partner about a new, interesting book or movie, you encourage him to try new things, meet new people)
  8. Raise your partner’s self-esteem in areas where it is too low? (you can help your partner find positive qualities and strengths that he or she was not aware of before).
  9. Understand your partner? (you know and understand your partner – you know his goals, what he likes, what he is afraid of, what drives him).

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• If you evaluate yourself in a couple, remember that the perspective of your partner or friend is his perspective. Accept this fact and do not argue with him. If you don’t like how you’ve been judged, let it give you food for thought. Take this experience and try to work on your “weak” points. Also, remember that some people have a natural tendency to choose higher or lower grades. So if you get lower ratings than you expected, this may also be the reason for your partner / friend’s style of judgment.
• Look at your grades and think about what you can do to practice these skills. Write down one of them and how to work on it. When you achieve the desired result – move on to the next one. Good luck!

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