5 Original Ways to Approach A Stranger During A Party

Forget age-old techniques that can be spotted 100 kilometers away, and opt for original Ways to Approach A Stranger in the evening.

The Gaze Game – Ways to Approach A Stranger

Don’t know what to say? Do not say anything. The look is the most powerful weapon of seduction there is. He plays directly on instincts, bypassing reason. “Mirror of the soul”, the SharekAlomre eyes express the emotions and it is difficult to cheat with the look. The technique: look him in the eye, without letting go. As soon as your eyes meet, maintain eye contact . A sensual energy will inevitably settle between you and you will have the impression that you are alone in the world. After a few minutes, finally dare to talk to him…

Spill Your Drink

It’s the sexiest awkwardness there is. You only have to watch romantic comedies to understand that it works (almost) every time. A word of advice: avoid red wine, so as not to ruin an overpriced shirt… For the rest, the success of this technique depends on your acting skills: the less credible you will be in the role of the clumsy sorry, the more you will have a chance of launching the seduction operation. The idea is precisely that he sees clearly in your game… and finds it cute!

5 Original Ways to Approach A Stranger During A Party

The Daring Lie – Ways to Approach A Stranger

He caught your eye but you don’t know how to get his attention in the middle of all these people? Impersonate the party planner and tell her that “someone” is asking to see her outside. He will inevitably be amazed by so much audacity. All that’s left is to start the conversation…

The Little Paper

Remember your schoolgirl games and slip her a piece of paper on which you have scribbled a message, a sweet word, a compliment, a proposal or why not your telephone number… Discreet and romantic flirting technique, it allows an exchange intriguing.

The Look-Alike Scam – Ways to Approach A Stranger

This technique requires only one talent: that of an actress. Walk confidently towards the person in question and jump into their arms, shouting “So, that’s a hell of a surprise, it’s been a SharekAlomre.Com while, I’m so happy to see you again”…(Falsely) confused, you’ll offer to buy her a drink as an apology. And take the opportunity to ask him what his name is. Really.

You have passed the fateful milestone of the first meeting and the time has come to take stock. Here are five signs that prove that you have made a success of your “date”… and with flying colors!

Neither of You Was in A Rush to Leave

You chatted, laughed, smiled, you talked again and again without ever getting bored: neither you nor he looked at your watch, pretended an emergency call or an unbearable stomach ache to take to their heels. You even ordered three coffees to prolong the evening. That is to say !

He Texted You Five Minutes After He Left You

No sooner had you left than he was already texting you to tell you how much he enjoyed the evening and how much he was looking forward to seeing you again. At least, it’s clear. If you were overjoyed when you received this text message , it’s because this date was indeed perfect…

You Exchanged A Kiss Before Leaving – Ways to Approach A Stranger

You had however promised not to go too fast but the temptation was too strong and you succumbed to each other. Result: the evening ended with a sweet kiss, shy, awkward and touching, a romantic kiss like a prelude to a story full of promise. Anyway, it looks like it…

You Have Already Set A Second Date

You loved that first date so much that you’ve already made plans to meet again … the next day. An unmistakable sign: at this rate, you can already begin to prepare your luggage, in three months, you will move in together!


He Called You The Next Day – Ways to Approach A Stranger

“Just like that”, “I wanted to hear from you”: the useless phone call after the first date is the infallible sign that he has cracked. Behind his “disinterested” phone call actually hides the desire to sound you out to find out what you thought of your meeting. If you were also struggling not to pick up your phone, you won!

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