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5 Mistakes in a Love Relationship

There are some things that you should just never do in any A Love Relationship. With that idea in mind, it is such as shame that many relationships fail simply because one or both partners make one of these fatal mistakes. To be sure your relationship doesn’t suffer the same fate, especially if you already feel as though there are problems areas that need attention.

Here are 5 examples of what not to do in your relationship:

1 – Betrayal – Love and Relationship

Betrayal comes in many forms. Whether it is in the form of cheating or even something as “insignificant” as sharing private information with people other than your partner, betrayal is a real killer of relationships, and one which is difficult to be forgiven. As they say, once trust is lost, it is extremely difficult to regain.

2 – Checking Up On Your Partner Excessively

There may seem, at times, like there is a thin line between caring about your partner’s well-being and being overly protective of them. However, if you find the need to follow your partner’s every move, questioning them of their whereabouts and motives constantly, and then perhaps you need to learn to give your partner space. Part of trust lies in allowing one another to lead their own lives without scrutinizing their intentions, after all.

3 – Being Insensitive And Unsupportive

Supporting your partner’s needs, goals, and decisions is imperative in your relationship. The one person that we always want to be able to count on for emotional support is our significant other. With that being said, when you belittle the ideas and goals of your partner (or ignore them altogether). Your partner feels misunderstood, unimportant in your eyes, or even rejected. Bring the two of you closer together by being their pillar of support.

4 – Fighting To Get Your Way or To Be “Right”

Whether you realize it or not, most arguments are about the same thing. What I mean is, when you argue with someone, what you are generally doing is trying to prove to the other person that you are “right” or that they should have the same opinion as yourself. However, what I can tell you is that doing this is a dead-end approach to anything. Instead, you need to let go of the prize of being “right” in order to avoid arguing excessively and without ever reaching a resolution to the real problems in your relationship.

5 – Letting the Love and Relationship Become Stale

Let’s face it. When your relationship began, there were dates that you constantly went on. You bought each other random gifts and did things for one another spontaneously out of kindness. But, as time went by and as the two of you become more comfortable with one another. All of those bits and pieces that created the sparks and excitement in your relationship all but diminished completely. It is important that you never let your relationship become boring and stale. Keep up the dating. Spend time together often doing the things you both love to do.

Everything you do (and fail to do) in your relationship from has its impact on the future of the lives of you and your partner together. Put in some positive effort, and reap the rewards. Make one or more of the preceding mistakes, however, and watch with a feeling of helplessness as your partner drifts further and further away until there is nothing left of the love relationship you once shared.

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